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CORE ASSOCIATES was established in October, 2010 as a Limited Liability Private Shareholding Company in accordance with Palestinian Company Registration requirements.

Since its inception, the company has signed contracts and executed projects with internationally renowned business associations, institutions and Financing agencies (USAID, GIZ, European Union, and UN).
CORE ASSOCIATES provides timely, pragmatic and cost-efficient advice and training in the context of economic and trade policy and negotiations, the formulation and implementation of national policy and private sector development. CORE ASSOCIATES’ approach, stemming from its social responsibility, is to keep in mind the importance of building institutions and human resources in all our activities. Its main focus is on the development and enabling of private sector as the main engine for socio-economic growth. structure and experience of the consultant
Throughout the years, CORE ASSOCIATES has built a close network of local consultants and experts in a variety of sectors, particularly in the field of trade and economic analysis and policy formulation within the Palestinian context, Palestinian private and public sectors dynamics, Public-Private dialogue, training and capacity building, analysis of regulatory frameworks, research, counseling and strategic planning, due diligence, SMEs capacities and assessment among other related areas. In addition, CORE ASSOCIATES has a solid network of international companies and consultants in our areas of expertise.

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